how to become a freelancer online

Many people ask me about freelancing for help. Or how to learn freelancing. write for there, I am posting a post from individual reply. You must have the experience and need to work on freelancing:

  1. The most important thing is the interest and patience of learning a lot.
  2. First You have to need god Computer basic knolage. basic knolage manse Computer Office progrum , internet browsing etc.
  3. also You must have need a good Computer and Computer Connection. ( it’s defent on your work).
  4. Now the thing is, to do freelancing you have to take a skill. You need to figure out what to do about freelancing without asking anyone because you are going to be a freelancer, and after looking at all the things you have to decide on what you like. If you start with the likes of others, it may not work well for you in the meantime, so you will go younger.
  5. Where you learn? If you wish, you will learn that no one can stop you. You will learn Inshallah. You can google Youtube or find a good training center or someone skilled in your area who has freelancing knowledge (though their time is limited). you cabn use youtube Video Tutorial. but need many time for full corse.
  6. If you start learning freelancing for income first, you will come back disappointed after two days. By that I mean not to make income, but of course you do butt a time you can learn to understand the skill can be 1/2 year For those who think starting today and starting tomorrow, after a month, they will be freelancing for them.
  7. Many have questioned whether to stay awake at night. They tell me how many nights he spent in brother’s life, he had no idea how to work. Most clients are in the opposite time zone of our time zone so you have to wake up less and more but I have some clients who don’t have to stay awake for my time zone with time zone too short.
  8. If you do not good know English then how to do? If you do not know freelancing, you must learn it, letter or practice a little English. Conversation can be done if you know English. There is no alternative to learning. Take the skill first. Work in the country if needed. Skillful people are still lacking in our country.
  9. In answer to the question of how to make an income, I say this is not like a fixed job. It depends on your expertise, how the client will get it, but there is no reason to think about it first.

Special Note: Freelancing lets others hear the story you see. While gold may seem like a story to you, it is not as easy as you think. It takes a lot of patience to get through a lot of trouble. I did not sacrifice for discouragement so that I should not back down after leaving work. And I also believe that God gives you the tawafik so if your will is at that level then you can inshallah.

The Creator commands that He will straighten your path.

I have tried to answer as many questions as I can remember, if any questions are forgotten to answer, please let me know in the comments.

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