What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing? Part 1

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To know what Amazon Affiliate is, we need to know first, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Suppose you are a writer, you have written a book and published it for sale on your e-commerce web site.
From there, the book is sold online.

You want the book to be more cell, but it’s not possible for you alone.

If you offer the marketer, who will sell the book, 20% commission will be paid per sale.
Now if anyone sells your book for 20% commission, he or she is affiliate marketing with you.

Exactly if you sell Amazon products, you are doing affiliate marketing with Amazon.

To Affiliate Amazon On Amazon, you have to open an affiliate account, then you, through your affiliate account, generate the product’s link, target your potential customers on the website or social media, describe the product’s attributes, and give you the product you created. .

If you purchase a customer product through your link, a certain amount of commission will be credited to your affiliate account.

How to get started with Amazon Affiliate, what is the need ??
Amazon Affiliate can be done in two ways,

  1. Via social media.
  2. Via the web site.

Amazon has a separate program for affiliating with social media, called the Amazon Influencer.
Through it, you can sell products by monetizing social media pages or channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or so on.

In that case, sales come more from YouTube video marketing.
And many are worthy of dependence.

Moreover, if you are a social media marketing expert, you can easily bring sales from other social media.

2nd, Option Website,
If there is an alredi visitor on social media, will there be an oradie visitor on your website?
How do you bring a visitor and sell it ??
Why visit?
Who will come to your web site ??

Well, suppose you buy a new model mobile tomorrow.
What do you do now

Do you go to the showroom to see the murmur?

No, you will now write reviews of mobile models and search.
Because, you probably have a mobile or computer with the Internet.

And if you were, Europe or American.
If you like mobile music, you can order online now.
Arrived at your home the next day or at a specified time.

When you search Google by writing reviews of a mobile.
You can see the specific pages of a web site on a fast page.

You can see from page 1 to the fast page, here are the results of all the models that you are looking for.
So who is the first one, does Google have a good relationship with it first?
Or, who is sexy Google with money?

What do you think ??
However, yes Google can pay the money and stay ahead of the results, but it is short-lived, and very expensive. And He tells Google to download the results, it’s Google Ads.

However, if you search on Google by typing in the specified key, Google does not have a good relationship with the people who first showed it to Google.

But first, they follow Google’s rules, and put the most dependable data on the web site, searching for that mobile.

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